Literature Committee
The primary purpose of the Greater East Los Angeles Literature Committee is the purchase and distribution of literature, merchandise, and event flyers to the groups at the area of Greater East Los Angeles. Our message is carried in the literature, therefore this is a vital part of our fellowship.
Join the committee and help carry the message to the addict that still suffers.

Informational Pamphlets
#1: Who, What, How, and Why
#7: Am I an Addict?
#16: For the Newcomer
#22: Welcome to NA
Recovery literature in Spanish
Recovery literature in other languages
More recovery literature at

GSR´s This is the link to the Literature Form

GSR´s: After filling up the Literature Form:
1) Go to File (upper left hand side) click and Save as Google Sheets in your computer.
2) Go to File (upper left hand side) click
3) Go to Download as and choose PDF document (.pdf)
After is saved in your computer as PDF, email it to:

*If you have any difficulties with filling up the form